Craft With Sweet Maddie Jane- Return of the Macrame!

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this 90’s revival of the Macrame Plant Hangers!! I’ve been on the hunt for some for a while but could never seem to find a price I was happy with. I almost lost hope on finding anything under the $20-$50 range when I found this perfect pair at Southern SoulContinue reading “Craft With Sweet Maddie Jane- Return of the Macrame!”

Bake With Sweet Maddie Jane- Homemade Blackberry Pie Recipe!

Baking has always been a passion of mine. When I was younger, I had my heart set on opening my own bakery called “Sweet Maddie Jane’s”! Pies are one of my favorite desserts to make (blackberry is my favorite) because they are easy, fun to decorate, and they are the perfect dessert for any timeContinue reading “Bake With Sweet Maddie Jane- Homemade Blackberry Pie Recipe!”

Pardon My French Braid- It’s Messy!

  I’m always looking for a hairstyle that is cute, easy, and requires little time and heat. Most of the time, my go-to hairstyle is braids! Whether it’s a classic messy braid, fishtail, or braided pigtails, I love them because they are so effortless but they all look so different and are perfect for summer!Continue reading “Pardon My French Braid- It’s Messy!”

Craft With Maddie Jane Monday! Quick and easy $5 craft!

Hello sweet readers! I’ve been throwing around the idea of doing a “Thrifty Thursday” or a “Craft With Maddie Jane Monday” blog and start making some of my Pinterest dreams come true one week at a time! What do you think?? For now, I just wanted to share a quick and frugal craft that makesContinue reading “Craft With Maddie Jane Monday! Quick and easy $5 craft!”

Lipstick Junkie- My Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks!

I have been a lover of makeup for many years! I have so much fun experimenting with new products and techniques and closely following all of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube! One of my favorite things about makeup, which has become somewhat of a ritual, is doing my family’s makeup when we’re traveling! IContinue reading “Lipstick Junkie- My Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks!”

Sweet Maddie Jane Act 1, Scene 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to Sweet Maddie Jane. I’m so excited to say that I’ve taken the leap after a long period of kicking around ideas, wishing and dreaming, and have finally started my blog! The name Sweet Maddie Jane came to be years ago as the name for my future cupcake bakery (this was my fallbackContinue reading “Sweet Maddie Jane Act 1, Scene 1”