Oceanfront Property on St. George Island














Hello everyone!!
Today was a beautiful, sunny day on St. George Island! My mom, aunt and I woke up this morning and took a 2 mile walk around the island, taking in all of the tropical scenery, dreamy houses and their cute names: Midsummer Night’s Dream (my favorite), Hodge Podge Lodge, 5 O’clock Somewhere, and Sol Search Inn, just to name a few. Our house this year is called Isle Be Back! My mom pretended to be a real estate agent and almost had me talked into financing an ocean-front property! I told her she may want to slow her speed-walking pace for other potential clients, but she said this was her conditioning so she could walk and talk with ease (as Beyoncé does, only dancing and singing).
After our fun walk, we started our 4 minute walk to the beach, taking some photo ops along the way (I’ll post outfit details below)! The weather today was perfect and we shared the beach with some cute little sand crabs and a few other beach-goers. Apparently, my sunscreen application was faulty because I have all kinds of wild tan lines that will need to be evened out tomorrow!
After the beach, we came back to Isle Be Back for a dip in the pool! (We were so excited that our house this year has a pool!!). Just as we thought our fun-filled day was winding down, we spilled our box of cheese-nips. A few minutes passed and we found ourselves surrounded by a flock of seagulls, and word must have traveled fast because a few minutes after their arrival, the flock doubled. I was quick to make friends with our new poolside pals, and found that they would eat the cheese-nips right out of my hand! I have a video of it all down below!
We ended our day with a few games of Dominos, Cards and some of my Nanny’s soon-to-be-famous spaghetti!


I can’t wait for more fun family adventures throughout the rest of our week at St. George! Stay tuned and thanks so much for reading!!

With love,

Sweet Maddie Jane

Outfit details:

Coverup- It’s from a boutique in Paducah that is now closed.

Shoes- Journey’s

Straw Hat- Hobby Lobby

Bathing Suit- Buckle

Sunglasses- Ulta

Beach Towel- TJ Maxx

Coral Clutch- TJ Maxx ($24!!)

Beach Bag- Francesca’s

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