Oversized Denim of Dreams- My Fall Style Details!

“Don’t tell Summer, but Fall you’re my favorite.” -Bath & Body Works Crisp Morning Air Hand Soap

Happy Monday everyone! This it’s-fall-but-feels-like-summer-outside weather always makes it so hard to figure out what to wear when you’re chomping at the bit to wear fall clothes but it’s just too dang hot to put on a sweater! That’s why I wanted to share this easy, cute look with you all today since it’s perfect for this transitional weather! “Casual Cute” is pretty much my style mantra, so pairing simple, cute dresses with a jacket, flannel, or cardigan and some comfy sneakers is a perfect way to look cute and still be super comfy–goals!! Continue reading “Oversized Denim of Dreams- My Fall Style Details!”

My 5 favorite beauty products!

“A library should not be without Shakespeare as a makeup bag should not be without bronzer.” -SMJ

Hello sweet readers!! For the latest edition of My 5 Favorites, I want to share some beauty products that I absolutely love and have repurchased time and time again! In the world of beauty, it can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating to find products that work for you. The 5 gems that I am mentioning today were all discovered at long last after much trial and error (refer back to Madison circa 2011 for proof) and now I will never go without them! Continue reading “My 5 favorite beauty products!”

My Dixieland Delight Dress- Outfit and Concert Details!

IMG_9422One of my favorite hobbies is going to concerts! I try to go to a few concerts a year because I have a love for music and I prefer to spend my money on making memories! When I heard about the free, yes free, Alabama concert hosted by Independence Bank of Mayfield, KY a few months ago I knew I wasn’t going to miss it! I have so many memories growing up listening to Alabama’s music. One of my most fond memories is when I would ride in “Old Red” the pick up truck with my dad, windows rolled down, drinking Sprite, eating honey roasted peanuts, jammin’ to old country music.

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Craft With Sweet Maddie Jane- Return of the Macrame!


I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this 90’s revival of the Macrame Plant Hangers!! I’ve been on the hunt for some for a while but could never seem to find a price I was happy with. I almost lost hope on finding anything under the $20-$50 range when I found this perfect pair at Southern Soul boutique in Murray, KY for $9 each!! Ever since I got the hangers, I’ve been determined to put them up ASAP!! In another attempt at frugality, I decided that instead of springing for some Anthropology-esque flower pots, I’d be much better off making my own! This craft is super easy and leaves you plenty of room for creativity!

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Bake With Sweet Maddie Jane- Homemade Blackberry Pie Recipe!





Baking has always been a passion of mine. When I was younger, I had my heart set on opening my own bakery called “Sweet Maddie Jane’s”! Pies are one of my favorite desserts to make (blackberry is my favorite) because they are easy, fun to decorate, and they are the perfect dessert for any time of year because the filling is seasonal! It’s been a few years since the blackberry bushes at my grandparent’s house have yielded enough for a pie. Usually the birds and bugs get them first, but not this time! I am so excited to be sharing my Blackberry Pie Recipe on the blog today and I hope you all enjoy this tasty treat as much as I do!! Thanks for reading!!!

With Love,

Sweet Maddie Jane


Sweet Maddie Jane’s Blackberry Pie


2 cups fresh blackberries
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup light brown sugar
2 tsp corn starch
Pinch of salt
Dash of cinnamon

Combine ingredients and put over low heat for about 20 minutes or until all sugar is dissolved.

Pie crust:

For the sake of sweet time and decorating, I love using the Ready-To-Bake Pie crusts from the store. They come with two, perfectly rolled crusts that are easy to cut and mold to make adorable “pie art”! When I’m feeling frisky, I’ll go all out and make a homemade crust. This recipe is always my go-to for flakey, delicious homemade pie crust:

While the pie filling is simmering, butter a pie pan and put down the first crust. Once you’ve shaped the crust to the pan, mix 1 egg in a bowl with 1/4 cup of sugar. Brush this mixture on the bottom crust and put it in the oven for about 15 minutes. I’ve found that this helps to get a more crispy bottom crust, and avoid the dreaded gooey, doughy crust.



Then, on a piece of wax paper, cut your top crust to create your desired design. I love cutting out words (mainly puns) to decorate with; “Perfect Pear”, “I love you berry much”, “Apple of My Pie”, etc. I use a normal steak knife to cut out my letters and lattice strips, but I dream of one day having alphabet pie cutters and all of those fancy tools which would make this part much easier!!


Once you’ve achieved your pie art design, take the bottom crust out of the oven and fill it with the pie filling. Then, top it off with your pie crust designs. I like to brush the top crust as well with the egg wash to make it more flakey and browned, but I would suggest doing it closer to when the pie is finished baking to avoid a burnt crust!



Bake the pie for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Voila! Serve and enjoy your sweet berry pie!!



Pardon My French Braid- It’s Messy!



I’m always looking for a hairstyle that is cute, easy, and requires little time and heat. Most of the time, my go-to hairstyle is braids! Whether it’s a classic messy braid, fishtail, or braided pigtails, I love them because they are so effortless but they all look so different and are perfect for summer! Today I wanted to share a tutorial on these easy French braid pigtails that I’ve been loving lately so you can achieve an effortless, cute, messy braid for the summer!

First, brush your hair and get all of the tangles out. For me, this can be a chore!


Split your hair into two equal sections. (I like to make a zig zag shape in my hairline since I’m parting it down the middle. You can do this using a comb).

Take three small strands from from the front of one side and start a regular braid.


Begin your French braid by taking an extra piece of your hair each time you cross one of your three strands.


Continue French braiding while pulling your hair towards the back.

When you’ve reached the back of your head, begin a regular braid to finish out that side and tie the end with a rubber band (I use brown bands to match my hair).


Follow the exact same steps for the other side!

For a messy look, spray your hair with texturizing spray or a volume dry shampoo I use Kenra volume dry shampoo. I’ve gone through two bottles and I love it! Pull out your braids to the desired size. I pull them out unevenly to make it even more messy!



Voila! An easy and cute hairstyle for any occasion this summer!!


Photo cred. goes to my awesome photographer/boyfriend, Charles!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!! Let me know if you’d like to see more tutorials like this and I’ll share some of my other favorite braids too!!

With love,

Sweet Maddie Jane

She Finds Thrift Stores By the Sea Shore







Hey guys!!

As many of you who know me probably know, I am an avid thrifter. I look forward to Angel’s Attic on Tuesdays, antiquing on the weekends, and I brake for yard sales. One part of our St. George Island trip that I always get excited for every year is going to all of the thrift stores and cute little shops in Apalachicola! You just never know what you’ll find and I think thrifting is even more fun when you’re miles away from home because it’s all “new junk”! I found some really cute treasures this year at some of my favorite Apalachicola shops that I can’t wait to share with you all!


Our first stop was The Shop. This is the place where we normally buy most of our favorite thrifty treasures! This store is so adorable and is always stocked with beachy home decor and lots of cute and inexpensive jewelry. Here I found a 3-set of gold, dangly earrings that I love and some adorable mix match crescent moon & star earrings! The set of 3 cost $12 and the moon & stars were $5! Our other favorite thrifty store, which we call “the one with the orange cat” was closed for what we believe to be renovations. We were so disappointed because this “cat” shop also has very pretty home decor and we usually always find something there that we love! Maybe next year.








After The Shop stop, we strolled next door to the Downtown Bookstore. This is an adorable little store, complete with an impressive knitting section and a pretty, grey house cat. I was so excited to discover an adorable Emily Dickinson card and envelope set (She is one of my favorite authors)! The set came with 4 different colored cards that all have Dickinson quotes on them. My favorite is “I hope your rambles have been sweet, and your reveries spacious”. The envelopes are all embellished with neutral floral designs. I love them so much that I don’t know if I’ll ever actually use them. Just know that if you receive one of these cards from me, you must be very special! My mom suggested, since the cards are so pretty, that I frame a few of the quotes and hang the set of them on the wall as decoration! I love this idea and I’ll definitely update once they find their home on my walls!




The next store we went to was The Shed. This is a very cool and rustic place to browse. It has everything from old paddles, driftwood and surf boards to maps and compasses. I didn’t end up buying anything here, I actually spent most of my time chasing lizards that seemed to be hanging around every corner. That’s another thing you should know about me; I’m a huge animal lover! I’ve been catching frogs, turtles, rabbits, lizards and beagles ever since I was a toddler. These geckos, however, were just too quick for me this time.







The next place I had to make a stop at was Oysterbones dog shop. They have the cutest dog cookies I’ve ever seen and my pups love them!! They come in all different colors and designs; seahorses, popsicles, sea shells, strawberries, fish, donuts. I always have to bring these adorable treats home for my sweet pups! Oysterbones also has lots of t-shirts, toys and dog collars! One thing I love about Apalachicola and St. George Island is how pet friendly they are! Every store welcomes dogs; there was one store that even had a sign on their door that said “please hold your dogs” and another that said “Where do you go when your dog loses their tail? The retail store!” It makes me miss my pups because I know they would have fun down here even though they’re not the slightest bit leash trained. I like to call them “free range” beagles.





Later in the week, we went back to my very favorite store in Apalachicola- Go Fish! One of my favorite things about this store is that it’s a Christian boutique, and they have the cutest t-shirts with inspirational quotes and scriptures on them! I am a huge fan of graphic tee’s. I wear them almost every day because they are casual, comfy and cute! Some of my favorite t-shirts ever have come from Go Fish, so I always have to pop in every year and see what new styles they have come out with. Last year I got an adorable grey shirt that says in yellow letters “Let the sun shine”, and this year I bought a light grey shirt that says in pink block and cursive letters “It is well with my soul”. This store not only has the sweetest t-shirts ever but also has all kinds of cute jewelry, trinkets and clothes.




The last place we’ve checked out so far is St. George Island Trading Co. This is basically a giant St. George Island gift shop. On the outside window they have a huge sign displaying the words “FREE HERMIT CRAB” and once you get much closer, in 12 point font reads the subtext “with purchase of cage”. I wonder how many children and Madison’s that has lured in over the years? We really love going to this store because they have so many SGI t-shirts! This year I got an oversized, long sleeved St. George Island shirt in a mauvey-purple color (I also have it in hot-coral). I was also ecstatic to discover, after pilfering and sorting through the M’s for about 10 minutes, a dainty, gold Madison necklace. The reason I was so excited was because I am a huge Sex and the City fan, and these necklaces look exactly like the “Carrie necklace”. To my surprise, after making this blissful $12 purchase, I read in tiny print on the package (what is it with this place and their fine print?) “bracelet”. Yep. Heart= shattered. The fam told me to return it, but, me being the crafting soul that I am, figured that I could buy some gold chain links online and fashion it into a necklace nevertheless (I’ll let you know how that goes).



We still have a couple thrifty places with weird hours that we want to check out before we head back home, including a church thrift store called “Twice Blessed”. If I find anything worthwhile there, I’ll be sure to share! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed hearing about my thrifty Apalachicola finds and adventures!

With love,

Sweet Maddie Jane

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