Sweet Maddie Jane Act 1, Scene 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to Sweet Maddie Jane. I’m so excited to say that I’ve taken the leap after a long period of kicking around ideas, wishing and dreaming, and have finally started my blog! The name Sweet Maddie Jane came to be years ago as the name for my future cupcake bakery (this was my fallback career if working as an animal cop for the ASPCA fell through). Since then, Sweet Maddie Jane has evolved into the name of my beloved blog, where I’ll be sharing a combination of my relevant style, love for animals and good food, beauty & home decor tips, and of course, all of my travels and adventures!

As an English and Literature major at Murray State University, writing is a passion of mine. Being able to practice my writing while sharing with you, my Sweet Readers, about all of the things I love in life is a dream that, thanks to the help of my wonderful mother, has become a reality! I have already shared a bit about myself in the About Maddie Jane tab, but in case you haven’t read, here are a few things to know about mwah:

My name is Madison Jane Anderson and I am 22 years old. As I mentioned, I am an English and Literature major at Murray State University in Western Kentucky. I love my dogs like they are my own children. I have a Warfield Red Beagle named Lady Jane, a Tri-colored Beagle named Talula Francis, and a Great Pyrenees named King Louie. They love to play, give sweet puppy kisses and eat everything in sight! I live in a sweet cottage on Lancelot Court with the love of my life and high school sweetheart, Charles, and our 3 happy pups! As a fashionista on a college budget, I wear the best I can, but you won’t find any Birkins in this closet. I love spending all of the money I do have on makeup and food- I’m on an ongoing mission to find the holy grail of foundations and the world’s best fish taco. My aforementioned obsession with makeup and food has left me with a small budget for thrifty home decor and old books. Lots of old books. As much as I love my pups and my home, I never turn down a road trip or a plane ticket.

I invite you all to follow me along this journey as I share my life through thoughtful words, pictures, and tutorials. Thank you so much for reading!

With love,

Sweet Maddie Jane