All I Juanna Do is Explore San Juan with You! Our Weekend Itinerary in Puerto Rico.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” -Susan Sontag Hello Sweet Readers! I recently got back from a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Spontaneous trips are my favorite kind of trips!

Beauty Essentials- My 2018 favorites and must-haves in my makeup bag!

Hello Sweet Readers! I’ve recently been revamping my makeup bag in a constant search to discover new favorites and filter amazing products into my daily makeup routine. I’m so excited to share my 2018 beauty essentials with you guys! I’ve provided the links to all of the products mentioned below.

Honey’s 1st Birthday Party- Puppy Party Inspo!

Hello Sweet Readers! As most of you already know, I am a huge animal lover and my sweet Beagles, Lady and Honey, are like my own, furry children, so it comes as no surprise that when it came time for Honey’s 1st birthday, we had to celebrate BIG! I am so excited to share allContinue reading “Honey’s 1st Birthday Party- Puppy Party Inspo!”

Europeversary! Favorite Memories + 5 Travel Tips!

“Travel: it leaves you speechless and then makes you a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta Piazza Navona, Rome  Hello sweet readers! It has officially been two years (too long) since my unforgettable first trip to Europe in 2016 when we visited the beautiful cities of Rome, Paris, and London. In commemoration of this Europeversary, I wantedContinue reading “Europeversary! Favorite Memories + 5 Travel Tips!”

Oversized Denim of Dreams- My Fall Style Details!

“Don’t tell Summer, but Fall you’re my favorite.” -Bath & Body Works Crisp Morning Air Hand Soap Happy Monday everyone! This it’s-fall-but-feels-like-summer-outside weather always makes it so hard to figure out what to wear when you’re chomping at the bit to wear fall clothes but it’s just too dang hot to put on a sweater! That’sContinue reading “Oversized Denim of Dreams- My Fall Style Details!”

My 5 favorite beauty products!

“A library should not be without Shakespeare as a makeup bag should not be without bronzer.” -SMJ Hello sweet readers!! For the latest edition of My 5 Favorites, I want to share some beauty products that I absolutely love and have repurchased time and time again! In the world of beauty, it can be overwhelmingContinue reading “My 5 favorite beauty products!”

My Dixieland Delight Dress- Outfit and Concert Details!

One of my favorite hobbies is going to concerts! I try to go to a few concerts a year because I have a love for music and I prefer to spend my money on making memories! When I heard about the free, yes free, Alabama concert hosted by Independence Bank of Mayfield, KY a fewContinue reading “My Dixieland Delight Dress- Outfit and Concert Details!”