Life Update- Baby, Engaged, Etsy Shop, Home in KY, Oh My!

Hello sweet readers!

A lot has changed around here since my last post, which I regret to say was almost a year ago (yikes)! It has been a very busy year. The most notable event being that we’ve welcomed the sweetest new member to our little family, miss Florence Jennifer Singery! She has made this the very best year of my life. Even up until the moment she was born I had no idea the love I was capable of knowing. I spend every day in awe, just staring at her, so excited for all the memories we will make together and thinking of all of the things I want to teach her. She has been the biggest blessing to our whole family!

Other events to note: Charles and I got engaged!! After nine years of dating, learning, and growing together, we have more love for each other now than we ever have, and we can’t wait to get married! We are planning a small, intimate wedding for this June on summer solstice for a Midsummer Night’s Dream and all the bohemian vibes.

In other big news, we moved back home to Kentucky upon finding out that we were expecting baby Florence. With our whole family being here, it was the only decision that made sense. We find ourselves missing things about Florida all the time but that just gives us more reason to visit often! Florence and I are planning our first visit in just a few days and we cannot wait!

I’ve also recently opened an Etsy shop, inspired by my sweet babe, called Shop Flor Bella, where I’ll be listing cute kids room/nursery decor and holiday/party decor. I’ve made a few items so far and can’t wait to fill the shop with more cute handmade decor! Here’s the link if you want to check out the shop:

You can also follow our Instagram page: @shopflorbella

Feel free to message me for a custom order and I’ll do my best to bring your ideas to life!

Those are the highlights. What an amazing and life-changing year it’s been! I just wanted to hop on here and give a little update on our life and let you all know that lots of great things are coming in 2020! First being my pledge to post more consistently on the Sweet Maddie Jane blog! Look out for my next blog post coming soon!!

With love,

Sweet Maddie Jane

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